bea. i think jack and finn are kinda cute idk



ok so just wanted to stop by here one last time and say happy birthday jack and finn! you boys are just so cute and loveable- thank you for giving me so many laughs and a year of keeping up with you guys literally like every younow and video you were in- i basically giffed it and made some graphic out of it, definitely tons of work but it was all worth it, im still so happy about jack tweeting me and reblogging my stuff and finn giving me a shoutout on younow which is unreal

but aside from jack and finn, the best thing about this experience was my followers, thanks for all the fun you guys have given me following this blog, and not even if you followed it, even if you just liked or reblogged my posts, i really appreciate it like seriously im so grateful ive made a lot of amazing friendships through tumblr and its really sad to leave my blog

i guess this is goodbye 


love you xoxo bea

byeeeeeeeeeeeee  guys i love you all so much